Mission statement

Mines Paris' libraries network is present on 3 of the 5 School sites  (Paris, Fontainebleau and Sophia Antipolis). It provides support functions for the School's teaching and research activities and is responsible for its written heritage.

Its main mandates are to:

  • Design and implement the institution's documentary policy (documentary charter)
  • Disseminate all of its resources to its audiences: signaling, communication and organisation resource access
  • Train users in information litteracy
  • Contribute to the promotion of the School's scientific production (publications, PhD dissertations, etc.)
  • Preserving and enhancing the School's documentary heritage

To fulfill its missions, the library is organized into different divisions:

  • The Documentary Policy division is in charge of the development of documentary resources and all acquisitions. It is in contact with the teaching and research departments as well as with each research center.
  • The User Services and Training division includes loan and communication services as well as the research support service which coordinates operations on HAL open archive and offers bibliometric services. It includes a team of instructors in documentary research. It is in contact with the teaching and research departments as well as with the ELS unit.
  • The Heritage division is responsible for the conservation, promotion and communication of the school's written heritage. It digitizes a selection of the rarest and most precious documents and manages the School's digital heritage library. It receives researchers in history of science as well as anyone with a research need on its collections. It works closely with the School's mineralogy museum.
  • The Documentary IT division manages the library's information system and the documentary portal which provides access to resources. It takes care of matters related to collections signaling (catalogues, metadata management, administration of the integrated library management system, etc.). It is in contact with the Information Systems Department (DSI).

Library organisation chart (FR)