Printing, photocopying and scanning

in Paris

A public scanner is available to scan personal documents.

Computers in the reading room are connected to a black and white printer.

There is no self-serve photocopier, please ask library staff if you need to copy a document.

In Fontainebleau

There is no available photocopying, printing or scanning service at the Fontainebleau library. Please ask library staff for more information.

In Sophia Antipolis

A school multifunction printer is available in the hallway, at the library's entrance, for printing, photocopying and scanning. To use it, you must login either with your access badge or with your Mines Paris logins. Printing is possible from all Windows workstations at the Sophia Antipolis site: choose the printer "Impression_Equitrac" or "Impression_Equitrac sur equitrac-sop". Documents sent for printing are stored and printed only on request after login. Scans are sent either to the user's email address or to the user's "Mes Documents_Scanner " file.



More information

For any question:

We kindly remind you that copying a document is subject to compliance with intellectual property law. A copy of a protected work is restricted to the reader's private use. Moreover any copy is subject to the library staff's opinion so as not to interfere with the the documents' conservation  (Library rules and regulations).



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