Submit and publish you PhD dissertation


You dissertation has to be deposited with the library as a digital file (legal requirement since 2016).

What happens to you dissertation after the defense? (poster FR)


Files ManAgement and publication MOdel

  • Does the author authorise online publication?
  • If the author does, the file will be free to access on national patforms (HAL, TEL,, either immediately or after an embargo or confidentiality period.
  • If not, the file will be stored as archive by CINES and accessible exclusively on the Intranet.
  • Does the author want an embargo?
  • If the author does, the file will be archived by CINES and will not be published online until the embargo expires. In the meantime, it still will be accessible on the Intranet. An embargo is a useful tool if there is a publication project for the dissertation.
  • If not, the file will be accessible online immediately after it is processed by the library.
  • Is the PhD dissertation confidential?
  • If it is, the file will be archives by CINES and will not be published online or on the Intranet until the confidentiality period expires. In the meantime, no access to the document will be allowed.
  • Can the published version and the archived version be different?  
  • Yes they can . The archived version will be stored by CINES but only the published version will be available online.

PUBLishing after the defense

If you plan on publishing an article based on your dissertation, you can delay the dissertation's online publication by mentioning an embargo period in your post-defense file (when authorising the publication).


PHD AND PATENT applications

If a patent application is based on you PhD, we recommend you ask for a closed defense and for the dissertation to be confidential. The PhD candidate together with their supervisor shall apply for confidentiality to the school's director before the defense.

For any question on confidentiality please contact us before the defense.


PHD and copyright

PhD candidates are authors. If they wish to include protected materials in their dissertation, they have to comply with copyright law and should obtain necessary authorisations to copy and to publish such materials.

More about French copyright law (FR)
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